Dips | Best Party Snack & Appetizer Ideas | Game Night

Dips | Best Party Snack & Appetizer Ideas | Game Night

This party snack idea will take you to the finish line with these quick and easy dip mixes on any game night. Dip Delivered offers easy to make vegetable dips that are a perfect idea for a party snack and appetizer food.  

Spending time with friends and family on game nights is a great way to entertain and spend the day laughing your troubles away. Most importantly, it’s a low-cost alternative to expensive nights out of the house even if it is for a few hours. Having weekly game nights is a nice way to look forward to spending time with each other when you do it regularly.

Naturally everyone is different, and the term “Game Night” means several different things when it comes to the variety of board games, card games, electronic games, and now virtual reality gaming. Whatever your preference, make it a habit to host game night regularly. You will find it becomes easier to do the more you do it.

The best thing about game night is the kids love it. Normally kids are locked in their rooms and very little engagement with the family occurs during the week. Having game night is a great way to have the kids plug themselves into the family and disconnect from the gaming consoles for a few hours. The house will erupt into laughter when a player makes a great move and comes from behind to win the game.

Gaming nights are also a nice way to have conversations with your kids while the game is going on. Normally they are so distracted with the game that they don’t even realize you are asking them questions. We find that games are also a way to uncover a talent that someone didn’t know they had like keeping score, handling money or just being a good referee.

A few tips for hosting game nights to remember are below but let us first address the food. Having Dip Delivered dry dip mixes on hand will ensure that everyone’s snack craving will be satisfied. Dip Delivered makes dry dip mixes that you make at home. If you have sour cream and mayo, then you can make these dips. They are so easy to make, and the kids will ask for refills in no time. The dry dip mix packets make a full 16 oz of prepared dip, and they can be served with crackers, vegetables, or pretzels. Try flavors like cheesy bacon dip, vegetable dip, onion dip, fiesta dip or chip dip.

Tips to a great game night:

  • Pick random players on each team (avoids fighting over best players)
  • Choose games that are short and can be easily understood
  • Have several game options to keep kids involved in the decision of the game
  • Provide an incentive to win. Maybe the winner of the final game gets a chore removed one night of the week
  • Try not to have knockout rounds because this just causes players to sit and watch others play, and that is not fun.

 That’s about it. Game night in a nutshell. We hope that these game night ideas are a hit in your house and having them will provide as much entertainment as they do in ours. We really look forward to spending time together and eating good too. So, let’s get those dips prepared early and snacks on the table. What are you waiting for? Let’s get dipping!

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