Dip Delivered has been selling great tasting dips since 2008 for appetizers and party snacks. We started as a Main St. shop located in the heart of the Black Hills of South Dakota with a retail shop servicing the wonderful tourist visiting the hills for vacation. Unfortunately, as many shop owners know, our business was entirely dependent upon visitors coming to the state. During the 2008 year the U.S. economy suffered one of the worst housing crisis's in modern times. As a result, we had to get creative with extending our revenue model and adding products and services outside of the typical summer tourist season.

Out of this need, Dip Delivered was created as a dry season dip company that carried our business and employees throughout the year. We strapped up our boots and got to work on formulating the right amounts of seasoning and flavor contained in every one of our dry dip mix packets to provide a hand-crafted product that was consistent and flavorful. 

With no tourist at our shop outside of June, July, August, and September, we decided to take the show on the road as it were and traveled to many surrounding states to sell our dry dip mixes at stock shows, gift markets, home shows and fairs. We felt that customers responded best when they had an opportunity to taste the product which meant having to get food and health inspections at every single location that we sold products in. No small task given that we have attended over 50 different events in at least 7 states every year.  

We decided traveling over the years was taking its toll on us and coordinating all of the moving pieces to mobilize a work force across the country was too much. Because of aging parents we decided to return home to New Jersey where we only operate the web-based business now. So, we are just trying to get a foot hold on the ecommerce market (No we do not need you to contact us with solicitations on how to grow our online presence, thank you in advance).  

With that being said, this allows us more time to market ourselves and continue to grow our Affiliate Partner Sales Program where home-based partners purchase products at wholesale prices and sell them at home dip parties, Air B&B's, street fairs and markets (exactly how we got started). This program has expanded every month since we started in January 2022 and we are happy to report that our partners are having lots of sucess selling a quality product while putting a positive cash flow back in their pocket.

If you're interested making some extra money and learning more about becoming one of our Affiliate Sales Partners, then email us at sales@dipdelivered.com and we will send you information regarding the sales product that just about sells itself.