Dips | Party Snack Ideas | At Work | Dip Delivered

Dips | Party Snack Ideas | At Work | Dip Delivered

This party snack idea will send your office into overdrive at work. Dip Delivered offers easy to make vegetable dips that are a perfect idea for an appetizer food and conversation starter. 

In a lot of offices Friday was designated as the day to do potlucks or snacks in the office. It is a time when the work week is winding down and most workers are thinking about the weekend plans. Many times, coworkers stop by the store the night before or on their way to work to pick up a little food item to share with the office. In few instances, someone will be thoughtful enough to bring in a crock pot of soup or an electric roaster with a pasta dish to share.

Have you ever worked in an office where potluck Fridays became a bag of chips that someone brought in because no one wanted to go through the effort, or they forgot it was Friday? Maybe a couple of people brought donuts, cake, or pie and now it is SUGAR FRIDAY. Many offices are like this and some in fact are not doing anything at all.

How about bringing in a few varieties of Dip Delivered dry mix dips and cheeseballs for the office? Easy to prepare the night before and easy to transport to the office, these dips are the perfect recipe to brighten the spirit in the office. Each dip makes enough for 6-8 servings and will win over even the pickiest of eaters.

These dips are flavorful and will provide the much-needed variety your office has been looking for. Make a few different flavors like Cheesy Bacon, Fiesta, Garlic & Herb, or Spinach and give everyone a chance to try a flavor they didn’t know they liked. They can be served with chopped vegetables, crackers, or pretzels. As an added twist, try a full loaf of sourdough or pumpernickel bread broken into pieces that can be dipped. 

The great thing about bringing dips to work is that you don’t need to stand in the break room all day. These dips will have everyone coming back for refills all day long. When you hear comments like “I’m not going to get any work done today because I keep coming back for more.”, then you know you have made the right choice in bringing these great tasting Dip Delivered dips to work.

Catering events for office functions always included dips from Dip Delivered. They have also been used at retirement parties, office announcements, promotions, grand openings, Christmas parties and work barbeques. These dips are so functional and accommodating, they are perfect for any occasion.

Visit us at www.dipdelivered.com for your dry dip mix needs. We have loads of variety in our dip mix packets and extra savings on variety packs (3 packs, 6 packs and 10 packs)

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