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Dips | Party Snack Ideas | Weddings | Dip Delivered


This party snack idea will dance your way into their hearts. Dip Delivered offers easy to make vegetable dips that are a perfect idea for an appetizer food and conversation starter at each table.  

When we think of great party snack ideas, any gathering that brings people together is a great opportunity to use dips from Dip Delivered as a central focus point. Weddings are an event that brings family and friends together and is a joyous occasion the symbolizes the union of two people. Unfortunately, as we all know weddings are also a time of confusion and mayhem. The day of a wedding is the culmination of months or years of planning, and everyone wants it to be smooth sailing. None of which rarely ever happen typically because weddings have a lot of moving parts, and it is difficult to get everyone on the same page even if it's for a few hours.

When we talk about saving time, money, and energy, what we really mean is how can I set it and forget it and make things run on auto pilot so you can focus your energy on something else like the wedding.

What a great idea to use veggie dips to incorporate into a wedding. Dips can be used in the preparation rooms of each of the bride and groom prior to the start of the wedding. Having something light to eat might just be the best thing for pre wedding jitters. Taking your mind off complicated and expensive appetizers will be easily replaced by simple good tasting veggie dip snacks that will not fill you up prior to your big reception meal.

Dips and cheeseballs can be made the night before and all the vegetables, crackers and accompaniments can be chopped and prepared in advance.  This is a little bit of work ahead of time that will take a lot of pressure off you going into the big day. Also, chopping veggies and preparing dips and cheeseballs is an easy and relaxing activity to wind down the end of a hectic day the night before.

Here is where the economy of dips comes into play. Our prepared full recipe dips will provide 16 oz of dip and enough snacks for 6-8 people. Given the fact one half tray of hot food could run $50 or more for 6-8 people, these dry dip mix packets are priced at less than $10 even when mayo and sour cream are used to prepare them.  Even purchasing veggies, crackers and pretzels still put you at $20 - $25.  With dips you can offer healthier options, more choices and reduce your budget. 

Don’t limit your wedding party to the great taste of these dips, make them available to all your wedding guests after the wedding.  They are the perfect way to keep kids occupied while the adults dance the night away.

Interested in saving time and money? Shop our selection of quality dips made with the freshest ingredients. Save even for money with our variety packs sold in 3 packs, 6 packs and 10 packs. Visit us today at www.dipdelivered.com.

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